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Cuple is a rigid and sturdy door system that compliments well any wall tile dividing panels. With a frame made out of aluminium complete with stainless steel finishing, it guarantees durability while giving off a sense of quality. Available in various colors.


10, 12 mm or up to requirement thickness compact laminate is made from multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, sandwiched between melamine decorative paper under high pressure and temperature compress technology. It’s extremely strong, solid, superior wear, humidity and high temperature resistant. Wide range of plain and design color choices is available. External use is not recommended.

Accessories & Fittings
Comprising of Stainless Steel Indicator Lockset, Gravity Hinges, Coat Hook with Door Stopper, and Aluminium
Door Frame.

Maximum height for Door Frame is 2100mm. 1800mm height of door is recommended due to wastage reducing.

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